Diet for the lazy

A diet for the lazy is an opportunity to get rid of extra pounds for those people who do not have the time and money to prepare and buy special dishes and products, visit gyms and beauty salons.

diet for doventab for a week

A water diet for weight loss is a real gift for those who are tired of the eternal feeling of hunger, the search for certain foods, a difficult schedule or a tasteless food from the most popular but very strict weight loss diets. Due to such disadvantages, many people are unable to adhere to a diet for a long time, which requires certain difficulties. They fail without waiting for the results.

Basic diet rules for the lazy

  • Drink two glasses of water 15-20 minutes before meals!
  • Do not drink water during and after meals for two hours!
  • After two hours you can drink your favorite coffee, green tea without sugar with a slice of lemon, but without anything (cakes, cake, sweets, muffins), otherwise you start eating again. You will have to put all the candy aside for a while.

What is the secret behind diet?

  • First, this is the already existing partial feeling of satiety, after taking two glasses of water, this was already mentioned above;
  • Second - water speeds up metabolic processes in the body, and the weight goes away faster, again toxins and toxins are excreted with water;
  • Third, you fully satisfy your need for fluids when you drink water before a meal, and therefore you do not drink such high-calorie calories as sweet tea, juice, etc.

Diet during the day

Breakfast. We drink 2 glasses of water. We eat breakfast with what our heart desires. At the same time we do not drink food and do not drink for 2 hours after.

Dinner. We drink 2 glasses of water. We eat lunch, there are no restrictions on the lunch menu. At the same time, we do not drink food, and after eating lunch, we do not drink for 2 hours.

Dinner. We drink 1 glass of water. If you want, drink 2nd Dinner without gastronomic restrictions. We do not wash food and do not drink for 2 hours after.

Note: If you suddenly decide to have a snack (such as an afternoon snack), do not forget to drink 2 glasses of water before eating. However, if the amount of food is small (cakes, rolls or sandwiches), you can only drink 1 glass.

Diet Benefits

  • The lazy diet is very effective.
  • Does not require dietary restructuring.
  • Allows you to use your favorite foods.
  • Not accompanied by hunger.
  • Activates the processes of self-cleansing of the body.
  • Stimulates metabolic processes.
  • Ensures fast food digestion.
  • Eliminates imbalance in water in the body.

Contraindications to a simple diet for the lazy

The diet is harmless at first glance. No matter how enthusiastic the diet reviews may be for the lazy, do not rush to apply it. Ask your doctor. And most likely your doctor will approve it if you are a relatively healthy person. If you have kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, it is better to prefer another way to deal with obesity.

There is another nuance to using a simple diet for the lazy. The amount of water prescribed by the diet should be drunk with pleasure. If the water "does not flow", the body does not need such an amount, then the diet for the lazy is not suitable for you.

Fruit and vegetable diet for the lazy

Diet for the lazy The main foot is water, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Duration of the diet: 1 week.

The principle of the diet: eat vegetables and fruits, preferably fresh. For the day of the diet - up to 2 kg. Drink water in between eating fruits and vegetables.

Features: choose fruit by skin type (dry - ripe and sweet, combination or normal - any, oily - sour and green).

Lazy diet results

  1. loss of two to five kg per week
  2. strengthening the immune system
  3. improvement of skin color.


During any diet and for the lazy too, you get a special place to sleep. And not only its quantity but also its quality. Healthy, wholesome sleep for 8-9 hours promotes proper metabolism and normal food processing. When sleep patterns are disrupted, more of a hormone called cortisol is produced.

Its excess negatively affects the metabolism of carbohydrates and the endocrine system, leading to carbohydrates obtained from food not being fully processed into energy, but accumulating in the form of fat deposits. So try to regulate your sleep and the extra pounds during the lazy diet disappear faster.

Supplement your diet with vitamin-rich foods. For example, an element like chromium helps the body not to store carbohydrates in the form of fatty deposits, but to convert them into energy. Using chromium, there is an active synthesis of a substance - collagen. This is very important, because thanks to him you can avoid such consequences of losing weight as a sagging skin. Collagen makes the skin look healthy and firm.

If there is a sufficient amount of chromium, magnesium, selenium and zinc in the body, the level of insulin is normalized and the work of the pancreas is improved. Thanks to this, the time that a person feels full after eating is extended.

Knowing such shades you can lose not only for the benefit of your figure, but also for your health. A diet for the lazy will help you achieve the perfection you strive for.


A great diet for the lazy suits almost everyone. The review shows how comfortable it is to lose weight without denying yourself the usual diet. There is no need to carefully calculate calories, prepare separate meals or limit carbohydrate intake. A diet for the lazy is an excellent solution for people who want to get a slim figure but who are not ready to give up their favorite dishes.